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Our Staff



Caitlin is Dr. Scott's better half. She has been working with Doc since they purchased the clinic in 1991.  Now that she has turned over the practice management reins to their daughter, Katie, you will see her smiling face occasionally behind the receptionist desk. Her primary job is Project Manager where she will be creating and implementing new and improved programs, and protocols for "the best care of your best friends. "What a job! I get to cuddle everyone's furry babies all day, laugh with the people I'm helping, work with people I love, and bring my own pet with me to work, it's heaven! Like her husband, Caitlin is enjoying semi retirement. They have three Llewellin Setters-Jackson, Marlowe, and Betsy and one French Brittany, Dora. When not at work she enjoys being "Nana" to her five grandchildren, art work, reading. remodeling, traveling, and raising Llewellin Setter puppies.

Years in Practice: Since 1991

Education: Northeast Missouri University

Interests: Raising and selling LLewellin Setters.



Katie, daughter of Doc and Caitlin, is carrying on the family tradition working as our Practice Manager. We've become so dependent on her superior skills we don't know how we ever got along without her. Katie started out as a receptionist for us in high school. She went on to University of Iowa and obtained her BA in Social Work. Katie came back to work for us for the summer after she graduated and enjoyed working here so much she decided to stay. She went from receptionist to technician, then head technician and finally became our Practice Manager.  Katie is married with a son and a daughter. They have a cat named White Foot Jones.  In her spare time she says, "what spare time?"

Years in Practice: Since 2000

Education: Bachelor of Arts in Social Work from the University of Iowa and Veterinary Practice Management at VMC.Inc. School of Veterianary Practice Management

Interests: People and Pets!



Nicole may be a familiar face to many of you, as she has been with us since 1998 as our Front Office Manager. She enjoys meeting and getting to know you and your furry or feathered friends on a personal level. Her sharp wit and keen sense of humor is a delight for both clients and staff. Her organizational skills keep the front office running smoothly, our food shelves stocked, and your pet's reminder letters sent on time. Nicole has three children, a cat-Monkey with 6 toes and a dog-Woody.  Nicole enjoys scary movies, reading, and hanging with good friends.

Years with us: Since 1997

Interests: Customer care



Laura joined our team  in 2008. She is a Certified Veterinary Technician and fills in as a receptionist when we need her. We are very excited to have her. She has a personality and a sparkle that just lights up the room when she enters it. Laura grew up in Ankeny. She attended and graduated from the DMACC Veterinary Technician program in the spring of 2007.  Laura is a super organizer and so is perfect as our Inventory Manager. She brings a joy and enthusiasm to our practice that just can't be beat and chances are if you or your child ever went to Ankeny High School she will know you. She seems to know everyone! In her free time Laura loves to spend time with her husband and little girl, read, crochet, play video games, and snuggle with her five cats-Woodstock, Lumpie Space Princess, Coqui, and Finn the Human.

Education: CVT/Certified Veterinary Technician from Des Moines Area Community College



Mark loves animals and his bachelor's degree in zoology and master's degree in biology make him very happy to be working here. He has been a biology teacher and an insurance adviser. Mark works behind the scene taking care of the building and creating our beautiful landscape, taking care of all of insurance needs, and maintaining OSHA standards in our practice. Mark has two grown children, 1 grandson, and a Blue and Gold Macaw, Phoebe, who has become his new child. Mark enjoys movies, reading, singing in the Des Moines Choir, and babysitting his grandson.

Education: Bachelor's in Zoology, Master's in Biology from Iowa State University



Chassi has been crazy about animals since she could walk. She started in the veterinary business at age 15 as an animal care attendant for a veterinary clinic in Newton and through hard work and on the job education learned to become a veterinary assistant. Seven years later she took a position as the Animal Control Officer for the Jasper County Animal Rescue League. She has some amazing stories from that job, such as, being called in to rescue a Labrador Retriever in a midnight drug bust! In 2012 we were lucky enough to hire Chassi. Her energy and enthusiasm have made her a joy to have on our team. Chassi lives in Des Moines with her fiance, daughter and son. She has 4 dogs Parker (pictured above), Nash, Dutch, and Maddie. She also has 2 cats, Corona Jo and Boji, 3 rabbits, Dakota, Snowflake and Black Betty,  2 geckos, Dora and Boots, and even a Turtle named Yertle. In her free time Chassi enjoys sports, doing anything outdoors,  Camaro cars, boating, yard work, cleaning (yes really!) and spending time with her daughter, son and husband.

Interests: Veterinary nursing, The Fencing Project



Emily has had a special love for animals her whole life. She started as a volunteer at the Nebraska Humane Society at the age of 15. She was hired at the age of 17 and worked there for 8 years. While there she discovered her passion for animal behavior. She worked the behavior help line, did canine and feline behavior evaluations, taught obedience classes, did in-home consults, and made TV and radio appearances. She moved to Iowa to get married! Emily joined our team in July of 2012 as an exam room assistant and also a receptionist. Her best asset and greatest joy, however, is helping our clients who have behavioral issues with their cats or dogs. She schedules phone consults and in-home consults for our clients as a service offered through the clinic. Emily and her husband are the proud owners of three cats, Mackenzie - M’Aiq the Liar, and Moo, three dogs – Phatty, Rosie, and Teddy Ruxpin, a very opinionated Eclectus parrot – Churles Berd, and an iguana! She is currently in school pursuing her PhD in applied animal behavior.

Education: Animal Behavior from the Omaha Humane Society

Interests: Animal Behavior Coaching



Cassie has thoroughly enjoyed being a part of the Ankeny Animal & Avian Clinic team pampering your boarding pets part time as an Animal Care Attendant since early 2012. In 2014 she became a Veterinary Assistant.  As many in our line of work, Cassie has fostered a love for animals in her home and out in the wild all of her life.  She earned a Bachelor's Degree in Wildlife Care from Iowa State in December 2008, and has spent the several years since then caring for a wide variety of animals, wild and tame.  Cassie enjoys spending free time with her cat, Domino.

Education: Bachelor Degree in Wildlife Care from Iowa State University

Interests: Pet fostering


Whitney really loves animals and always wanted to do the behind the scenes care at a veterinary clinic. She works for us part time while she attends the DMACC Veterinary Technician program. She will graduate in the spring of 2016.  Whitney has a wonderful sense of play that raises the moral of the people and pets she works with.  Whitney was adopted along with 4 other siblings (of which she’s the youngest and so most spoiled!)  She lives with her brother, while she attends school, along with their cat, Zoe, her dog, a Llewie Breton named Reese, and a Tortoise named Henry.  In her free time Whitney like hanging out with friends, family and watching movies.

Education: Currently in the DMACC Veterinary Technician program


Tricia has wanted to be in the veterinary field since she was a little girl, “helping those who cannot help themselves.” She says the daily challenges her job provides keeps her happy and coming back day after day.  Tricia works for us as a Certified Veterinary Technician. She graduated from the DMACC Veterinary Technician program in May of 2014 and passed the state and national boards in June 2014. Tricia live  with her fiancé, 2 sons, 3 cats, Lilly, Max, and Mia, 2 Guinea Pigs, Jenna and Wolfgang, as well as a 9 foot Red Tailed Boa, and a 35 pound Sulcata Tortoise. In her free time Tricia can be found caring for the rescue pets at her non-profit organization, TnT Reptile Rescue.

 Education: CVT/Certified Veterinary Technician from Des Moines Area Community College

Interests: Pet rescue



Olivia is a ray of sunshine in our front office. You will see her smiling face greet you when you walk in.  She has had a love for animals her whole life, growing up with many of them. She knew in elementary school that she wanted to work with animals. In fact; she currently calls herself a “crazy cat mom!” Olivia grew up in Des Moines and received a Liberal Arts degree from DMACC in 2014. Olivia lives with her boyfriend, two cats, Mr. Meowgie and Gizmo and her dog, Gypsy, a Llewie Breton. In her free time Olivia enjoys reading, painting, home improvement projects, and shopping

Education: Liberal Arts degree from Des Moines Area Community College


We are very lucky to have Kayla as a Kennel Attendant on our team. When asked why she wanted to work in this field she said, “To care for animals. To give a voice to animals who can’t explain or tell you what they truly need and want. To tell and show people that animals are more than just pets they should be part of your family and be cared and treated for.”  What more could you want when you leave your pet to board! Kayla is currently taking classes so she can apply for the Veterinary Technician Program at DMACC. When she’s not studying Kayla likes to spend time with her boyfriend and family, cuddle with Molly Mae, her calico cat and play frisbee with Rosco, her Border Collie mix, watch movies and TV shows, and read