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Fear Free Practice

As a veterinary clinic our top priority has always been the physical well-being of your animal. We take the medicine side of your pet very seriously, as we should! We also recognize the emotional well-being of your pet is just as important. We know that coming to the veterinary clinic can be quite stressful on some animals. We're hoping to make our patients as comfortable and relaxed as possible while they're here. Over the next year we hope you notice some changes we're making to our clinic to make our patient's experience a much more pleasant one.

Our first big initiative will be to ask that you not feed your pet before coming into the clinic. We plan on giving treats to help reduce anxiety and this works well if your pet is hungry when they arrive here. Our team will be reminding you of this when you make your appointment. If you have a treat that you know your pet loves, please bring it with you.

Other ways you can help start reducing the stress of coming to the vet is to remember to stay calm on the trip over to the veterinary clinic. We suggest you not talk to your pet on the way over or baby-talk your pet if he or she is vocalizing or otherwise showing signs of anxiety or stress. It is natural for us, as humans, to comfort our pets like we would comfort another person (touching them, saying "It's okay," etc). Unfortunately, for the animal this often elevates their fear or anxiety. By comforting them, the message that most animals receive is that it's appropriate to feel afraid or anxious. In the end it reinforces their behavior. The best plan of action for kiddos that are acting this way would be to relax and act like everything is normal (because everything IS normal!). If you are consistent about this, then your pet will pick up on this and follow suit. Not talking to your pet is best but if you must speak to your pet on the way over please do so in a calm and moderate tone.  

You'll notice when you arrive that we are also trying to remember to speak in a calm and moderate tone and give your pet the space he or she needs to be comfortable. Please be patient with us as this is new to us too and what we'd really like to do is excitedly approach and love on your kiddo!

We hope with time your pet enjoys seeing us as much as we enjoy seeing them!  

**Please note that withholding food is for dogs and cats only.